Hair Treatment

In day today hair fall is the most common problem faced by everyone of us. Dr Sravani is certified in providing comprehensive hair care.We do

  • Hair analysis and medical management At our center we do a complete hair analysis and provide expertise medical management and also counsel about the proper hair care to be taken.

  • ILS Injections – In cases of hair fall associated with alopecia areata and lichen planus we advise intra lesional injections.

  • Excimer therapy- In few cases ofalopecia areata we advise targeted phototherapy to regain hair growth combined with medical management.

  • PRP for hair growth -it is a safe and effective way of reversing hair loss.It works in adrogenic alopecia and chronic hair fall conditions.

In PRP patients blood is withdrawn, processed and resultant platelet rich plama is injected into the scalp.

It usually requires 4 to 5 sessions at 4 -6 weekly intervals.

Maintenance treatment are done once in 3 to 6 months.