It is an autoimmune condition where skin loses its pigment resulting in white patches over skin. Still it is stigmatised in the society but with advanced medical research now vitiligo is treatable Dr. Sravani has successfully treated many vitiligo cases and regained their confidence.

We offer:

  • Medical management – Most of the cases at early stages are treated by topic therapy and oral medication when needed.Proper counseling is given to uplift their Morales.

  • Excimer 308nm targeted phototherapy – A very safe and effective way to regain pigmentation.Can be used even in children.Accessible to all body parts.Usually done weekly once or twice and repeated till repigmentation is seen.

  • Non cultured autologous melanocyte transplantation – In stable cases and when large areas are involved we do melanocyte transplant to attain pigmentation.

  • Vitiligo surgeries – suction blister grafting can be done in stable and limited areas of vitiligo